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Experience the carefully selected and differentiated scents of Pleuvoir for yourself

상품명 : Body Lotion Rose Wood
바디로션 로즈우드
  • 판매가 : KRW 30,500
  • 발송예정일 : 7/3 출고 예정
상품명 : Gift Set Rose Wood
로즈우드 선물세트
  • 판매가 : KRW 58,000
  • 발송예정일 : 7/3일 출고 예정
상품명 : Rose Wood Set
로즈우드 바디세트
  • 판매가 : KRW 57,000
  • 발송예정일 : 7/3 출고 예정

Moisture Multi Balm

Vegan allows humans

and nature to coexist healthier.

Fragrance Free.(10g-Net.Wt 0.35oz)

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Hinoki Leather

The mysterious, warm, and enchanting scent,

as if you are surrounded by a forest of

Hinoki trees with sunlight and wind.

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Home Fragrance

Make the memories in the space

even more special with Pleuvoir diffuser

that subtly fills the space.

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